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After three rounds of the HCG diet, Charles will soon be attempting his 4th round  of HCG to reach his goal of losing 100 pounds!

As a InsideOut Wellness and HCG Weight Loss HCG diet practitioner, almost daily, I’m rewarded with personal HCG diet success stories. A majority of them are from men or women completing a single round of the HCG diet and losing 20-30 pounds. Of course, that is a success in and of itself, but periodically, I hear of stories like Charles, whom over the course of a year, has shed 80 pounds with a goal of losing another 20.

After reading Charles email, posted below, I reached out so I could learn a little bit more about his HCG diet journey. Charles began his weight loss journey in 2011 using Weight Watchers. He explained that Weight Watchers was an affordable program and it worked for him. He consistently lost a couple of pounds per week, which is what can be expected on Weight Watchers. After 3 months of Weight Watchers and losing over 20 pounds, Charles felt he had proven to himself that he was committed and was now ready for a weight loss program that was more aggressive.

The HCG diet was recommended by a family friend. Like others, he was initially skeptical. After researching the HCG diet, he decided that he would give it a try. After losing 10 pounds in the first week, Charles was hooked. Just over a year later, Charles has lost 80 pounds and will soon be attempting his 4th round of the HCG diet to reach his weight loss goal of 100lbs. Inspired by Charles success, his wife is now on the HCG diet.

The point I’d like to make is that weight loss is very similar to the snowball effect. Using Weight Watchers, Charles was able to build a bit of momentum. Success often does that. Success leads to greater self-confidence, which, in turn, leads to greater success. Once it get’s rolling, it builds and builds and builds until it becomes self perpetuating and almost contagious. Congratulations to both Charles and his wife. You’re both an inspiration to all of us.

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Charles lost 80lbs with the HCG diet

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