An HCG Diet Success Story

If Marci can commit to the HCG diet, so can you…

Ok, so maybe it’s a bit early to call Marci’s story a success as it is currently a work in progress, but she is certainly heading in the right direction. Nor does it appear that she is willing to let anything get in her way.

My first conversation with Marci was on Dec. 28th. She called the 877 number and spoke with a InsideOut Wellness HCG diet consultant. The particular consultant she spoke to was sympathetic to her story and suggested that I give her a call as Marci had extenuating health concerns. I returned Marci’s call over a break and I was immediately impressed with the determination that was apparent in both her words and tone. I say that because many patients I speak with are often skeptical, but far worse than being slightly skeptical, they’re determined to find a reason why the diet won’t work for them – asking questions they hope will confirm that they’re not a good candidate for the HCG diet. Marci wasn’t looking for excuses.

Over the next half hour Marci explained that she was currently at 415 pounds and was recently diagnosed with MS. In a later correspondence it was revealed that she also struggled with alcohol addiction and used it to mask her insecurities about her weight. She explained that her primary care doc had recommended our program and suggested she try it, emphasizing that she’d only have success if she fully committed to it. I had no question that Marci was fully committed. She then told me she’d call me back in a few days after she moved some money around. We had a couple of conversations and exchanged emails over the next two weeks and Marci ultimately began her HCG diet on January 14 and hasn’t looked back.

I suggested that she keep a journal while on the diet, explaining that in addition to keeping her focused, it might be an inspiring story to many others. Just as she embraced her new HCG diet lifestyle, she took to journaling with the same persistence. She gave me the green light to add her journal to my blog which I plan on doing over then next several months. Feel free to visit our FACEBOOK page to offer your support.

Below is the first entry to Marci’s journal regarding her personal and family history.

InsideOut Wellness and HCG Weight Loss

Down 10lbs.

Down 18lbs in 2 weeks

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