5 Tips for Cheating on the HCG Diet that Won’t Disrupt Weight Loss

It’s not ideal, but if you’re going to cheat…

No, it’s not exactly ideal, but the first thing you have to remember is a diet plan need not be the undertaking of a lifetime to yield life-changing result. Choosing smart calories and limiting carbs is the key to success with the HCG 2.0 diet protocol. Many are scared off by the rigid calorie restrictions of the traditional 500 calorie HCG diet and therefore either don’t attempt or put if off for later following vacations, holidays or social obligations. We all know how that goes – it’s likely never addressed again and the pounds continue to pile on. Don’t be afraid of HCG 2.0. There is no failure – only varying degrees of success. Nobody plans on cheating, but if you’re attempting ANY protocol of the HCG diet, you’ll want to read the tips below…

You can still have success even if you cheat.

Tips for cheating properly on your HCG 2.0 diet protocol

  1. Load Properly – I included this as a cheating tip, because if you don’t load properly on your HCG diet protocol, you’re essentially cheating yourself. This is an extremely important step in the diet and if not done properly, you’ll forego the exaggerated weight loss that is common in the first 10 days to 2 weeks of your HCG 2.o protocol. Carbs are OK on the loading phase, but the emphasis should be on fats. Try and get a balance of healthy Omega 3 fats and Omega 6 fats.

  2. DO NOT cheat with carbs – I say it in my office daily, “the more you do to help the HCG by limiting your carbs, the more the HCG will do to help you.” Carbs are a questionable part of the omnivorous diet and the Standard America Diet (appropriatly accronym’d SAD) is full of them in the form of process sugar and starches. These are the items you need to stay away from. Carbs contain the fuel we need, but they contain little of the nutrition found in fats, protein and phytonutrients from plant-based food (fruits and vegetable). The best way to avoid the pitfalls of the SAD diet is to make the time to eat healthy. Typcially the foods that most often contribute to weight gain are NOT our foods of choice, but our foods of convenience. You have to make the time to eat healthy by preparing your foods ahead of time and keeping plenty of healthy snack foods like raw veggies, tuna fish, beef jerky, protein shakes, etc. These food are high in nutrition and satiety, but very low in carbs. This allows you to remain in an optimal state of ketosis.

  3. Alcohol and your HCG diet – Relax, you’re not the only one concerned about having a drink during your HCG 2.o protocol. In fact, this is one of the most common HCG diet questions I get. You can get by with it, but you have to drink smart. Not only is alcohol high in carbs and calories, it’s also taxing on the liver. If you’re liver is busy oxidizing alcohol, it’s not oxidizing fats, which then begin to accumulate in your liver (fatty liver) and systemically in your belly and thighs. Stay away from beer and wine. Stick with straight liquors mixed with zero-calorie beverages like diet soda or water. For more information on alcohol and your HCG diet, Click Here.

  4. Protein and Phytonutrients for the HCG Diet – We all know what protein is, but what are phytonutrients? Phytonutrition is plant-based nutrition. Protein and phytonutrients are similar in that they provide plenty of the micronutrients we need in our diet without the high-carb filler that only contributes to weight gain. Good snack items that are high in protein and phytonutrients are raw veggies, beef jerky, tuna fish, egg whites, protein shakes, etc. These will be the items with the highest P/FC calculation found in HCG 2.0.

  5. Watermelon for Your HCG Diet – Despite what I said in step one, watermelon makes a pretty good cheat item, especially if you have a bit of a sweet tooth. It’s full of water so a couple of pieces can be very filling and it’s relatively low in sugar compared to other fruits. It still contains carbs, but you can consume a couple of pieces throughout the day with little effect on your weight loss. This is ONLY recommended with the HCG 2.0 protocol because most of the carbs have been removed, so therefore you can get away with adding a cup or two of watermelon.

Dr. Zach

Good luck!

If you have questions about your particular HCG diet email me at DrZ@InsideOutWellness.net.

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