5 Reasons You Should Join Our HCG Diet Support and Recipes Page

The true stories of real people don’t lie.

Our HCG 2.0 support and recipes page is now over 1500 member.

You could be the next success story.

The Recipes – Don’t get bored with you food choices. If you run out of new and fun things to eat, there is a greater chance that you’ll eat the wrong stuff. There are new HCG diet recipes posted almost daily, so take advantage. And feel free to post your own HCG 2.0 recipes. Here is an example of one below.

HCG Diet Recipes – Ahi Tuna

The Comradery – By comradery, I mean the commonality that everyone in the group is working towards the same goal. “Success happens when people work together. Failure tends to happen alone.” ~Deepak Chopra

The Support – By support, I mean the Xs and Os. The little tricks and strategies you need that can make the difference between reaching your goal weight and not quite reaching your goal weight. Our two administrators, Jhen and Judi are beyond experts in the program, but there are several other very active participants in the page that can also answer your HCG diet questions. If you’re curious about something just ask. There are no stupid questions on the HCG 2.0 support page. I try to logon and answer questions at least a couple of times per week. See…

The Motivation – Like I said, I try to login to the support group at least a couple of times per week. I’m always impressed by the responses that are posted to motivational requests. For example, someone might post that they’re having a rough week because of some unsuspecting issue that suddenly surfaced. People will actually reach out and ask for help and motivation and within minutes, the positive comments will come flowing in. It’s really nice to see complete strangers working together like this. It’s something I take great pride in.

The inspiration – Seeing other’s dieters success will inspire your own. When you complete the diet, be sure to post your success story so that you may inspire someone else. I included an image of one of our success story posts below, but you have to join the page to appreciate the full scope of all of them. Best of luck!

12.6 pounds in the first week. That’s not uncommon.

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