2012 Diet Trend: The Paleo Diet

Supplement your Paleo Diet with HCG for rapid weight loss

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We are always looking for the newest and hottest trends when it comes to losing weight.  Well, the Paleo Diet may be the hottest diet around, but it is definitely not anything new.  Think of it this way: if a caveman didn’t eat it, neither should you!

If you are looking for rapid weight loss and permanent results, you need to start eating like our ancestors did.  Basically, your diet consists of anything a caveman could have hunted or gathered – nuts, plants, vegetables, fruits, meats and fish.  Sorry, but cavemen didn’t eat pasta, sweets or Cheetos!

This is a great diet for people that just can’t keep track of their calories or be bothered with measuring their food.  The idea is that our ancestors were naturally agile, thin and fast (if they weren’t, they wouldn’t get to eat!), while today’s average Homo sapiens are overweight, full of carbs, stressed out and generally unhealthy.  We many have the modern day luxury of grocery stores and farmers market, but the Paleo Diet operates on the idea that we should only shop in just a few of those aisles.

A great supplement to the Paleo Diet is HCG.  This established HCG diet hormone had been used for quick weight loss for nearly 50 years when Dr. Simeons formulated the HCG Diet Protocol for the upper echelon of society.  Today, HCG is available for everyone.  Paired with a very low calorie diet, you will see results everyday. Through HCG, you can achieve sustainable weight loss.

If you are stuck in a diet rut and want to see the pounds fall off, contact us at InsideOut Wellness and HCG Weight Loss to find out more about what the HCG Diet Protocol can do for you!  diy hcg, pounds and inches hcg

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Dr. Zach LaBoube, InsideOut Wellness

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