How to Attach the Patch – 

  1. Day One (Morning of first HCG diet loading day) – Apply two HCG patches. Place one on each side of your abdomen. Read the instructions below for proper placement technique.
  2. Eve of Day Three (Eve of your first HCG low-calorie day) – At bedtime, place a 3rd HCG patch on your abdomen. Mark it with a sharpie so not mistake it with the previous two.
  3. Morning of Day Four (Morning of your 2nd low-calorie day) – Remove the old HCG patches that you placed on Day One of Loading. Do not remove the patch you placed the previous night. 
  4. For the Remainder of Your HCG 2.0 Protocol – Replace the patch every 3-4 days for maximum potency.

**These instructions are for generalized use. Keep in mind that with HCG weight loss, more is NOT better. If you don’t intend to stay on the diet for a full 30 days, do not assume that replacing the patch every two days will result in greater weight loss. It will not. Replace the patch every 3-4 days. My recommendation is replace the patch every 4th day during the early stages of the diet. As you progress into your 3rd week, I recommend replacing your HCG patch every 3rd day.  This gives you a slightly higher dose as your body begins to acclimate to the hormone in the later stages of the diet. 

Additional Information regarding HCG Patches

The ingredients contained within the HCG patch last approximately 3-4 days (at peak strength) after peeling off the backing paper and applying it to the skin. By day 4 the dose will be significantly diminished. Changing patches after every 3-4 days will ensure optimal dosage.

To use: Peel the patch from the paper backing carefully at the corner; press firmly onto dry, oil free skin. Place on the lower belly or abdomen away from hair, clothing straps etc. When you replace the patch for a new one it is a good idea to place on the opposite side of the body to the last patch, but not essential.

Treat the patch gently. Yes you can shower and swim with it, but pat dry, (don’t rub). Chemicals such as chlorine can affect adhesive. If you plan on swimming in chlorinated water for 2 or more consecutive days, it’s advised to cover with a waterproof dressing. Fresh water or ocean water are not a concern to adhesive. That being said, they must be treated gently.

Our patches are made from hypoallergenic, medical-grade adhesive. NO LATEX. The adhesive is good for all types of skin. There should be no irritation when removing the patch as there is with a Band-Aid.

How to Store – Store your spare HCG patches in the envelopes supplied, away from heat, direct sunlight, strong odors, microwaves and computers. This will allow them to keep their full potency and adhesiveness. Don’t refrigerate. If left in the cold, allow them to warm before placing on skin.

Placement of HCG patches – It is suggested to place the patch on the lower belly. For best results, place on a fatty area for maximum absorption. It is best to alternate locations. For example, when removing a patch from the left side, replace it on the right side. Or vice versa. Be careful when removing the patch from it’s backing as to not tear the corners.

Mark Your Calendar – Be sure to mark your calendar so you don’t get confused on when you placed your last patch. You can also make a small note on the patch with a sharpie.

What if the edges begin to curl up after only day 2? Do not panic. The ingredients are very potent. Additionally, hormones work on a cumulative basis. Once the HCG hormone is fully present in your bloodstream, even missing a day will not be overly problematic. 

What if my patches are not sticking? The first time this happens, place a piece of athletic tape over the patch to hold it to the skin. This will not affect the potency of the patch or absorption. If the problem persists on the following patch, please email me directly at

Please make sure you follow the directions and treat the patch carefully. Be careful when removing clothes. Do not place the patch on areas near your belt line or pantie line. When first placed on skin, make sure your skin is dry, but non-flaky. Do not place on oily skin. Make sure there is no paper backing on the patch when placing.

What if I develop a rash? You may notice some redness around the edges of the patch when removing it. This is why it’s recommended to alternate locations. Generally this redness is non-itchy and non-painful and will disappear by the time you need to replace the patch from the opposite side. If you experience itchiness or irritation that persists, please notify us. 


Our products are manufactured in a sterile laboratory. They do not contain hormones from human or animal sources. – There is no shelf life or expiry date, if stored correctly – as in away from direct sunlight, heat, computers and microwaves. Do not store in the fridge. Follow these instructions to keep full potency in your patches and good adhesive.

Medical disclaimer

The information provided here is not intended to replace consultation or advice received from your doctor or a  qualified healthcare professional. If you’re currently on medication, consult your prescribing physician before beginning your diet. Nothing contained herein should be taken as medical advice or diagnosis. You should always consult your physician before beginning any weight loss plan.