loading phase for hcg diet and rapid weight loss

The loading phase of the HCG diet is NOT to be overlooked! 

Below are three keys to getting it right…

One thing you have to know about HCG 2.0, or any diet plan for that matter, is that it is entirely anecdotal. It’s trial and error and the results are rarely the same for everyone. That being said, given all of the evidence, albeit anecdotal, one can still use the data to make predictions regarding the outcome. In working with the original HCG diet and now HCG 2.0, one thing I’ve found to be a near certainty is that proper loading equals early and dramatic weight loss.

Many, during the HCG diet loading phase, do not load properly, because they find it counter-productive. If the goal is to lose weight, why add additional pounds, right? Wrong! Way wrong, in fact! The human body is much smarter than we give it credit. We haven’t become the most dominant species on the planet by being dumb. All of our physiology is geared toward survival and a necessary part of that survival is adapting to our environment. Two-hundred years ago, calories were a lot more scarce than they are today. A thousand years ago, even more scarce and 10,000 years ago, it was a real problem to survive a cold winter or drought.

As a result, the human body has learned, over its 3 million year evolution, to be very efficient with its calories by storing them away in our fat cells. That’s why it’s so difficult to lose weight. Not only are you battling an overwhelming amount of worthless junk on the grocery store shelves, but a genetic predisposition to retain calories in the form of fat. Skinny people don’t survive famines or long winters. In other words, your body wants to be fat. So what do you have to do? You have to outsmart your stubborn, fat body. Here’s how…

When you dramatically drop your caloric intake as you do when dieting, say from 2500 calories per day to 800 or 900 per day as you do with HCG 2.0, it’s very alarming to your body. Your body says, “Uh oh, what’s going on here? There must be a shortage in food supply. I better store away some extra calories in my fat cells so I don’t die as a result of this potential famine.” This is what’s called Starvation Mode. You can’t win! Unless there is a way to bypass Starvation Mode – and lucky for you, there is.

If you’re unfamiliar with HCG 2.0, or the original HCG diet for that matter, the first phase (P1) is called the loading phase. It’s also sometimes referred to as gorging. I prefer loading. Gorging sounds a bit obnoxious.

On the original HCG diet, the loading phase consisted of over eating on whatever you wanted. I’ve modified that a bit with HCG 2.0 in light of current research on Starvation Mode and weight loss. In order to bypass Starvation Mode, you need a spike in your liver enzymes. Have you ever been required get a blood test for a life insurance policy? What does your agent tell you to do before the test? They tell you to avoid alcohol and fatty foods. Why?  Because Alcohol and fatty foods cause an immediate spike in liver enzymes that are necassary to break down all the crap you just consumed.

It’s not just your liver that’s involved in this proccess, your brain also plays a critical role. In fact, your brain is what directs the liver to start producing additional liver enzymes to battle the sudden rush of fats. So while your brain is hustling about, dealing with this sudden rush of fat calories, you can sneak your diet in through the back door. By the time your liver realizes you’ve dropped your caloric intake down to 800 calories per day, the HCG has already begun tapping into your unwanted fat reserves and the weight falls right off. It quite literally melts away. Just take a look at Trisha’s results. Her success isn’t common with proper loading. That’s how you bypass Starvation Mode and lose big time during the first week to two weeks on HCG 2.0.

Loading phase menu for HCG diet


Keys to Proper Loading on Your HCG Diet

  1. Carbs are ok, but don’t fill yourself up on them. Fill yourself up on fats. Try to get a good ratio of Omega 3 fats to Omega 6 fats. The Omega 3 fats are the healthy fats such as fish, nuts and avocado. As my bio-chem professor used to say – They ride a white horse and save the girl. Omega 6 fats are the animal fats such as bacon, beef fat and the like.

  2. Eat to excess. The more you eat, the more your liver enzymes will spike. Crush the fats!

  3. Enjoy yourself. Or at least try to. You’ll find that it’s not easy to over-consume on fats. Read more below…

One thing I’d like you to pay attention to during loading is how difficult it is to eat these fatty foods. Fats and protein satiate you very fast as opposed to carbs. Have you ever heard someone use the term rich to describe food? Take a filet mignon for example. It’s delicious, but you really can’t eat more than 8oz of it, because your satiety response kicks in and says stop. The reason I tell you to pay attention to this is because these are the items you should be eating more of rather than all the starch, sugar and carbs. All of the required nutrition you need is in fats, protein and vegetables. The only thing you get from carbs are unnecessary fuel that almost immediately gets stored as fat.


Sample HCG Diet Loading Phase Menu


BREAKFAST: 3 eggs and large piece of salmon, toast with peanut butter, real butter or cream cheese

LUNCH: cheeseburger with mayonnaise, avocado slices and chili-cheese fries, heavy on the chili and cheese

DINNER: Large Salmon or Tuna Steak, loaded baked potato with butter, cheese and sour cream, veggies of your choice with melted cheese

SNACKS: nuts (cashews are the best for loading), chips with guacamole, celery with peanut butter, canned tuna w/avocado slices

  • Healthy Omega 3 fats are bolded above. Omega 6 fats are italicized. You need to begin to familiarize yourself with these as they will be critical in maintaining your weight loss and optimal health.