In This HCG Diet FAQ Video Dr. Zach Discusses HCG 2.0 With Tanya Stewart Esquire Of Fearless Focus Coaching

The traditional HCG diet, first published by Dr. A.T.W Simeons in 1954, is a distant relic of the past? In the interview seen above, Tanya Stewart, Esq. of Fearless Focus Coaching and The Turning Point Summit discusses HCG 2.0 with Dr. Zach. His book, HCG 2.0 – A Modern Adaptation of the HCG Diet, has quickly become the industry standard for the HCG protocol and rapid weight loss.

What You Will Learn From The HCG Diet FAQ
  • Learn why Consumer Affairs ranks HCG 2.0 as the #1 diet plan of 2016.
  • Learn why ketosis, a form of low-carb dieting, is the only way to achieve rapid weight loss and more importantly, rapid weight loss that is truly sustainable.
  • Learn why over-consuming on fats (called the loading phase of HCG 2.0) is the key to early success.
  • Learn why early success (most HCG dieters lose 10 pounds in the first week alone) is the key to EVERY diet plan. Here is a hint… it’s all about maintaining motivation. The early success you’ll experience on HCG 2.0 will motivate you to continue and complete the diet protocol.
  • Learn the difference between HCG diet drops and prescription HCG injections.
  • Learn how long you should wait in between rounds of HCG. This is very important if you have a lot of weight to lose. Like anything, weight loss involves a proper strategy. The HCG video FAQ will provide.
  • Learn why dieting is NOT just about removing calories from your diet, but giving your body the RIGHT calories so it will reward you with a proper feeling of satiety and fullness.
  • Learn how to maintain your weight loss following your HCG 2.0 protocol. Here’s a hint… you have to MAKE the time to eat healthy.
  • And finally, learn why HCG 2.0 is not just a diet, but a lifestyle.

“There is a tremendous connection between the mind, the body, and the spirit – you cannot be right in one, if wrong in another. And while it’s often large, life-changing events that set us OFF course with our health and well-being, it’s often small events like the simple purchase of my book that can right the ship and set you back ON course. Don’t let this momentum slip away. I tell my pain management patients on a daily basis that only YOU can feel your pain, and only YOU can take the steps necessary to remedy it.”

Dr Zach

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