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If you’ve found this page, you’ve already purchased your HCG 2.0 diet and you’ll likely begin the loading phase in the next couple of days.

Please read your book in it’s entirety before beginning the diet and use it as reference throughout. It not only contains valuable information to facilitate your weight loss while on the diet, but also educates you on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle following the diet. In fact, the word “diet” has wrongly assumed a short-term connotation, when in fact your diet is a way of life. While you’re on the low-calorie phase it’s important to examine your life-style or “diet” and try to determine why and how you gained the excess weight thus making HCG 2.0 necessary. Was it because of your hectic lifestyle that didn’t allow you the time to make healthy meals at home?

Do you have a job where you’re often out entertaining and eating out? Do you have school children and find yourself eating the same snacks and pre-packaged food items that you put in their lunch? Or, do you simply have a sweet tooth? These are the things you need to examine while you’re on the low calorie phase if you want to maintain your weight loss after completion.

Below are some tools the will assist you on your HCG weight loss journey.

Most of the websites linked below also have a smart phone app available for download. Search for yourself and find something that works for you. We also urge you to not only find us on social media, but to contribute. Find out what works for other dieters and share what has worked for you. HCG 2.0 couldn’t have been written without the contribution and input of my patients.  Best of luck on your HCG diet journey. And don’t forget to tell us about your success. We love to hear it!

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Measurement Chart

You don’t have to take every single measurement, but I would suggest it for areas that you’re most concerned about. Most dieters lose about 1 inch per pound.

Diet Diary

This is a simple diet journal you can use to keep track of your meals. If you’re more high-tech there are links and smart phone apps listed below.

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